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Why The Learning Track
Being the pioneer and the first Education centre to offer the Singapore Curriculum in Hong Kong, our courses are unique, specially designed and differentiated to support students pursuing the Singapore and other International and local School curriculums, IGCSE / A Level / IBDP from pre-school, Primary 1 to 6,
Secondary 1 to 4 and Year 7 to 13.

Distinct Feature
Unique, specifically tailored and differentiated Curriculum that builds on the Quintessence of the Singapore Curriculum and integrated with other International and local School Curriculum for a total enriching Approach to Education.

Providing comprehensive and intensive coverage of concepts and applications to enhance the foundation of the students.

Setting of achievable targets and making learning fun and effective through the use of innovative and focused methods to excel in both ex- am and non-exam based settings.

Provide a comprehensive support, reinforcement and feedback system for our students.

Proper coaching and guidance by committed and dedicated qualified Post-Graduate teachers from Singapore and other countries with years of teaching experience.

Results Improvement Programme:
The Learning Track has a strong track record of helping our students improve their grades over the past few years. We have an average grade improvement rate of about 2-3 grades in the past with a proven IGCSE O / A level exam score of 100% A/A*

Entry Requirements
Students who do not have any background in the Singapore Curriculum are required to sit for an entrance assessment to determine their Proficiency level.

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