Fun & Creative Course Outline

LEGO® Creative Mechanical Inventor Course

LEGO® NXT, apart from being a toy itself, it is a good training tool which helps to develop abilities of children.

Patience & Logical Thinking

Team spirit
Problem solving skill
Fundamental Computer programming knowledge
Simplification resolve to complex problems

LEGO® NXT International Mechanical Competition Course

World Robot Olympia (WRO) and FIRST LEGO® League (FLL) are both annual events of LEGO® NXT. Selected creations would be granted the opportunity to go overseas to participate in International Competitions. The course will provide training and assistance, from the stage of design, assemble, operation, debug till the final invention completed.

Target Training
Comprehensively Deconstruction of the Mission’s Components
Deconstruction of the Past Mission
Mission Mock Training

Digital Game Designer course

As parents, we often do not encourage our children expose themselves too much to some computer games due to the usually negative and violent contents.


Why not design your own games??

The course aims to explore creativeness in your child and technical know-how in a fun and educational aspect.

How to create a story to a game

Design the background of the game
Design individual related characters
Design individual actions and movements
Write associated computer program by using our licensed software

Board Game Master Course

Today, children seem to have all sorts of entertainment related to the electronic virtual world. However, there is a variety of Board Games that could help training our children to think logically and strategically.

Many Board Games requires fast response and communication skill. It works in groups, therefore, team spirit is enhanced and will bring about lots of laughters during game.

Train with popular awarded Board Games

Develop creativity and strategical planning
Learn to follow instructions & taking leads
Learn to be patient & awareness of consequences of each move

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