Pre-School Program

We are exciting to bring to you the launch of our Pre - School Enrichment Program aiming to prepare our children well for Primary schooling.                       

The program is good for children from 3 years of age to 5 years old.  
As learn through fun has always been our philosophy, we provide a large range of creative tools and games to support the learning of our syllabus.

  1. Children learn and practice Mathematics using Abacus set with colorful shaped chips for easy memorizing.
  2. To learn a basic operation in simple additions and subtractions with the Fun Trios, quick recalls of mental calculations.
  3. Identify vocabularies by finding the Matching Trios to create and develop a vocabulary bank.
  4. Memory training session helps to develop observation and concentration while learning.
  5. Wordwonder offers most frequently used words to learn as part of formed sentences.
  6. Young learners practice writing with Fun Trace helps better fingers co-ordination.
  7. Chinese (PuTongHua) is taught with creative artwork which inspires the interest and fun for learning.

Age 3 to 4
Class size at 1 to 4, 1.5/hour per session with Chinese, English and Mathematics each subject at 30 mins per session.  

Age 4 to 5
Class size at 1 to 4, Chinese, English and Mathematics all at 45 mins per session.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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