Summer Course 2010

Summer Course commences
from 19th July, 2010 to 14th August, 2010.

Section A (Two weeks course)
– 19th July, 2010 to 31st July, 2010

Section B (Two weeks course)
– 2nd August, 2010 to 14th August, 2010

Available Subjects:

- Enrichment for Mathematics

Introduction to P1 – Counting, Pattern, Ordering, Simple Addition & Subtraction
Math Problem Solving for P2/3 – this is to reinforce the pupils’ knowledge on problem solving on Addition, Subtraction, Simple Multiplication & Division
For P4/5/6 – aims to give pupils in each level the opportunities to develop their abilities in solving mathematical problems.  Think out of the box and tackle problems using various heuristics and non-routine problems
Preparation for Form 1 – Number System, Number Patterns, Introduction to Algebra & Algebraic Manipulation
For Form 2 – Conditions of Congruence and Similarity & Linear Equations in two unknown
For Form 3 – Properties of Circles & Trigonometry
Preparation for IGSCE / A. Maths – The Binomial Theorem & Limit and Derivatives

- ICT – Information and Communications Technology

Students’ IT skills in 4 areas of competency – Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Management, Telecommunication Skills and Document Processing – are built into the program in a modular approach

- Enrichment for Science

Introduction for P2/3 – will focus on satisfying pupils’ natural curiosity.  Pupils will make use of simple process skills to discover certain scientific facts.  This will help to provide a platform for future formal study of Science.
A total Revision for P4 to Form 2

- Enrichment for English Languages

Just Grammar for P1/2 – to reinforce pupils’ knowledge on grammar
Creative Writing for P3/4/5/6 – engage pupils to write using different creative writing prompts, how to proofread and edit different types of genres.  This will be useful for pupils to learn to proofread their own essays or work
Comprehension Strategies for P3/4/5/6/F1/F2 – pupils will be taught to use different comprehension skills through different types of genres
Fun Literature Learning & Writing for Form 1 – in preparation for Form 1 Literature & English

- Enrichment for Chinese Language

Strengthen the foundation of Han Yu Pin Yin and Chinese Language.  Practice of Writing,  Comprehension and usage of vocabularies

- Get Ready for Primary (GRP)

GRP program incorporates the Singapore curriculum that emphasizes conceptual understanding.  Skill proficiencies and thinking skills, to provide the platform for your child to develop his literacy.  Skill through a variety of fun and stimulating learning experiences.
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