The learning centre reserves all rights to make any adjustment or re-scheduling of the Time Table at its full discretion.
Tuition fees should be duly settled on the first week of each calendar month, a 10% of late payment charge will be imposed for fees overdue.  Fees are to be made by cheque and/or cash only. 
All fees and/or deposits paid are non-refundable/non-transferable.
Fees paid are not to be brought forward to the next calendar month.
Missed lessons are not to be brought forward to the next academic year.
The centre reserves all rights to make any adjustment for tuition fees at its absolute discretion.
The learning centre reserves the right to refuse admission of any student who, in its opinion, detrimental to the welfare of the learning centre.
The learning centre reserves the right to discontinue a student from attending lessons because of his/her disruptive behavior, poor attendance, non-payment or underpayment of tuition fees.
The learning centre reserves the right to change the class teachers as deemed fit without prior notice and to cancel any classes as necessary.
Parents should inform the centre 2 weeks in advance should the student withdraw from the centre.
One make up lesson will be allowed PER MONTH including absence with prior notice (3 days) or sick leave with a doctor's certificate.
The learning centre does not offer make up lessons and/or refund for missed classes due to students' participation of school activities.
In no event shall the learning centre be liable for any damages, losses or injuries of any kind, whether direct, incidental or consequential, in or out of class at the learning centre.
Typhoon No. 8 and above/Black rainstorm warning -- Centre closed.
Centre will re-open 2.5 hours after the warning is lowered or cancelled.
Parents are advised to pick up their child/children as soon as possible in the event that the weather turns bad when lessons are in progress.
To the best of your judgment, parents are advised to consider carefully whether to allow your child/children to attend lessons during inclement weather, bad road or traffic conditions.
The centre has its absolute right to take videos and photographs for its own use and/or for marketing purposes.
Permission must be obtained from the centre for taking any videos and photographs of class activities.
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